Why change?

Did you know your last plastic toothbrush contributed to the 264 million thrown away in the UK per year, ending up in landfills, and the worlds ocean inside whales and turtles?

In the US alone 50 million pounds of toothbrushes were throw away, that’s the same as 100 jumbo jets, or if laid end to end it would wrap around the earth 4 times.

Most of us replace our toothbrushes 300 times in a lifetime, for a family of 4 that's 1200 brushes the same as 12kg of plastic over a lifetime!

Making the simple change to BubbleBrush can avoid this

Be part of the solution

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What we love about our kid's brush

Flower Bulb

Will it feel any different?

It may feel different at first but it will be normal after a few brushes.

And think about this, it's one less plastic that you've used!

Why choose us?

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Our Manufacturers

We inspect our manufacturers

We check where our products are coming from. We make sure the bamboo is sustainable and renewable.


Our Story

We are


It's just us, a husband and wife team. We aren't owned by any big corporations. We are responsible and the buck stops with us.

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What the testers say

We test our


Before any of our products go to the market, we test, test and test. We won't sell anything that we won't use ourselves!

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