It all starts with a TV in the middle of the sea

On a trip to Cambodia, whilst on the way to the island of Koh Rong. I was struck not just by the beauty of the place and by The Peace of the place.


Looking over the horizon me and my wife saw a black object floating in the water, as the boat got closer and closer we realised it was a TV.


At first, we were shocked who would throw a TV into the middle of this pristine blue sea. ( that’s where the picture above was taken)

We thought to ourselves how can we help?

How can we reduce the amount of plastic that is used?

Being from a dental background we thought let’s start with something that you use everyday….

And the Bubblebrush was born!

6 (1).jpg

“Do what you can with what you have and where you are” - Theodore Roosevelt

Our purpose

When I read this quote, I think back upon my childhood.

I think about my parents, if there was any food left at dinner, they would eat it for lunch the next day.  If there was a hole in my sock, they would fix it up and I would wear it for months later.  I think about how instead of throwing things away they made use of what they had.

I looked around me and thought how can I use that mentality to make an impact on the world?

At BubbleBrush we believe that it’s not about reinventing the wheel, but it’s about making it spin better. 

We believe in using what we have in the most effective and efficient way possible, something that we have lost from the previous generation. It is impossible to think that we are going to get rid of plastics forever however together we can reduce it.

Our purpose at BubbleBrush is to find sustainable alternatives to everyday plastic products without compromising you.


How does that help you?

Think of it as an investment.

With plastics, you must get the oil out the ground, refine it and make the plastics. This is all a dirty energy-intensive process. For something that is going to be used a few times then thrown in the bin and ending up in a landfill.

With our products, the bamboo is grown (releasing clean oxygen), harvested and then the products are made.

By making a simple switch with us, you are doubling the good. It’s like being paid twice on your savings (if only that happened in real life).

You are helping by choosing something that has a positive impact on the environment via the manufacturing processes and when you are done with the Bubblebrush then it simply decomposes in months, that’s the first dividend.

The second is that the oil that would have been used to make that brush will be redirected to something else, something that will last for years/decades instead of a few months.

We all want to leave a better world, by using what we have, to replace some plastic products. Why not only help the environment but also help the next generation?

Most of all.

We help by doing what we can, with what we have got, where we are.

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