Can moso bamboo save my life?

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When I think of bamboo, I just think of cute pandas chewing on the stuff and think aww. But over in Asia bamboo has been used for centuries for a variety of things from scaffolding to building road to food.

By the end of this article, I hope that you’ll be able to see the wonders of Bamboo and how it can help you reduce your plastic consumption.

I remember reading an article about how bamboo

was used and this inspired me to find out more about this wonderful material, that is almost ignored in the west. (,floors%2C%20roofs%20and%20other%20structures.)

This show’s how by looking at something differently and with new eyes we can find a new way of getting things done.

We all go into the bathroom, wash our face, brush our teeth and give ourselves a quick smile before conquering the day. But how often do we really see all the plastic and all the items that we throw away after using them for a short time, they all add up over out lifetimes?

Let’s take the simple toothbrush, something so simple and every day we don’t even think about it. But did you

know away 3.6 billion of them resulting in more than 500 extra tons in the landfill, that’s the same as a 100 jumbo jets.

This is where our new friend moso bamboo comes in.

It grows quick and can be harvested really quickly, as much as 50cm a day(19.7inchs) in one day. Imagine if the kids grew that fast! And grows up to 20meters in length.

Apart from being tall, what else does it do? As we all know, like growing kids they need a lot of food, for bamboo this is the soil plus the carbon around them and what they breath out is oxygen, helping clean the air around them.

We here at BubbleBrush are driven to replace as many plastic items with bamboo without compromising on quality. We are launching a dentist designed children’s bamboo toothbrush.

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