Does the tooth get mouldy

The simple answer is yes a bamboo toothbrush can go mouldy, but so can a plastic one. It is true that if you don't take care of it the mould will happen faster than a plastic one. One of the many reasons that we change to a bamboo brush is because it's organic and so is the mould that grows on the toothbrush if it's not cleaned properly. Bamboo is an organic natural material and if not taken care of the wood can become mouldy in a steamed filled room like your bathroom. Bamboo is naturally higher in starch and sugar than most wood-like products. This coupled with the humid environment in a bathroom can cause the handle of the brush to go mouldy. But you can prevent this by cleaning it properly after every use. What causes the mould in bamboo- Mould is natural and can be seen in many places, like building. And the principle to all mould is the same….excess moisture. And out of all the rooms in a home, where has the most moisture? The bathroom. You might be thinking that this is a recipe for disaster but here at bubble brush, we have made the handle with a special exterior coating that helps to lower the chance of mould (now with enough water it can still happen). But we still encourage you to follow our helpful tips to looking after the toothbrush. How long does it take to get mouldy? That depends on how much steam the handle is exposed to, if like a long hot shower then there will be more steam and this can cause the brush to go mouldy quickly. We recommend changing the brush every 2-3 months, and it should be ok for that period of time. We do recommend storing the rest in a cool dry place! To help prevent any moulding from happening. What do I do if I see mould? We highly recommend that you put that brush straight in the bin, as with all-natural products some will be more suspectable to mould than others. But you can still use the others that you have, the special plant cellulose wrapping will keep the brush clean and fresh for up to a year. Is mould dangerous to Kids? Mould is natural and can be eaten on some cheeses, but in this instance tell your kids not to eat it and throw the brush away. Bamboo is a natural material and can get mould under certain conditions. The mould isn't dangerous to kids, but we say to throw the brush away if you see any. Thanks for reading the article Pick up your Bubblebrush today!

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