What is bamboo?

When we think of bamboo the first thing that comes to mind is panda's and why wouldn't it, what's not to like about a panda, they are cute cuddly and just all-around lovable.

But bamboo is so much more than that, it's one of natures hidden superstars, one of the most versatile materials out there.

What most people don't know is that bamboo is grass not a kind of wood, that's why the pandas eat it.

Bamboo is extremely fast-growing it can grow up to 24 inches in one day, and unlike trees, once it's cut, it keeps growing just like the grass on your lawn(and we all love cutting the grass on a Sunday, imagine using all that excess grass that is in the lawnmower to make things instead of throwing it away). Making it perfect to be cultivated over and over again.

Unlike Wood which takes years and years to grow before it can reach maturity and be used bamboo takes a matter of months and once it's cut off it regrows.

Bamboo is unlike plastic there is no digging miles and miles into the Earth to extract it. It regrows after it's been cut, unlike the fossils that have to be dug out the ground processed and then made into plastic.

Bamboo has a lot of the properties of strong materials such as plastics, it is strong, durable and versatile, but one advantage of bamboo is that it breaks down in months instead of hundreds of years!

With all these great features why don't we use bamboo more and more? In the west that is the case, so here at bubble brush we started thinking

Where can we use this super material, natures gift that keeps on giving? And I realized the answer was in my hand and can be found in every household in the UK, (well we hope). The humble toothbrush.

So that's where we started, by making a kids toothbrush that is kind to teeth and to the environment around us. The environment that we will leave to the next generation.

Pick up a bubble brush today, and make sure you share your photos! (but not your toothbrush)

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